ATM/Debit Cards

MasterCard Debit Cards

With a First New Mexico Bank debit card you can make purchases with one card that combines the ease of a credit card with a direct link to your money in your checking account – just like a check, without paper work!  You can also use your debit card for cash withdrawals, transfer of funds or balance inquiries.

Your MasterCard debit card is not a credit card.  All purchase amounts are deducted directly from your First New Mexico Bank account and will appear on your monthly bank statements.

ATM Cards

With a First New Mexico Bank ATM card you can withdraw money from an ATM machine, transfer funds, or complete a balance inquiry.

Travel Plans?

If you are traveling and plan to use your debit card, please contact us in advance of your trip so we can make note of your travel plans.  While we cannot guarantee that all transactions will be approved during your travels, (there are times when this is out of our control), we will do what we can to help make your travels as smooth as possible.  When you contact us, we will ask where you are traveling, dates you will be traveling, and how we can get a hold of you during your travels; a cell phone or email address, is very helpful.

With just a little advanced planning, we can make your travels as worry free as possible!

Lost or Stolen Cards

If your ATM or Debit card is lost or stolen call First New Mexico Bank at  575-556-3000 during normal banking hours.  During after banking hours, please call 1-800-528-2273.

ATM/Debit Card Security

ATM and Debit Cards Frequently Asked Questions